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At your service


Strategic Counsel

We’ll help you manage a thorny issue, develop a re-branding program, get through a crisis, launch a new product, or prepare your communications plan from scratch.

Media Relations

We’ll get you your 15 minutes — and more: press kits, news releases, backgrounders, tip sheets, and feature articles, all supported by strategies to catch the media’s eye and build long-term relationships.

Writing and Editorial Services

From finding the words to crossing the t’s, we'll write and edit anything from a tweet to a book, from plain language to technical copy. We’re also professional proofreaders who can spot a dangling modifier and a misspelled name from 50 paces.

Print Design and Production

From the picture to the page it’s printed on: design to fit your image, format to meet your needs, and production to suit your timelines and budget.

Project Management

Give us your headaches, from the unexpected deadline to the ongoing challenge. We’ll coordinate the team, put a plan in place — and take the pressure off.

New Media

We'll help you make the brightest, most strategic and best-integrated use of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and the rest. We'll keep it timely, and we'll keep on top of it.

Video Services

Does Quantum do video? You bet we do. Visit our Videos page for more information and to view samples of our video work.

Website Design and Maintenance

Our award-winning sites provide the best of both worlds — depth and dazzle — and we'll also keep them accurate, uncluttered, and appealing.

Marketing and Promotion

We'll get you the best return for your advertising dollar, creating eye- (and ear-) catching material for print, radio, and TV.


We'll fill in the gaps, or do research from the ground up for your document or report. We have a knack for TV research and can give you all you need to develop a treatment, and shoot.

Education and Professional Development

We’ll willingly share our secrets. Quantum Principal donalee Moulton holds workshops and makes presentations for governments, companies, and organizations across Canada. She'll capture your attention — and provide you with practical tips to take back to the office.

Event Planning

International conference? Local event? We’ll make it run smoothly — from overseeing all communications to handling logistics to overseeing registration to producing all necessary materials.